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Hello, I’m Emily Crahart and I am That Marketing Girl! I’m based in Newport and Cardiff in South Wales, UK. I graduated from the University of South Wales with a BA Hons in Advertising Design. In 2016, after working for an advertising agency and a retail womenswear boutique as a Digital Marketer, I started my business That Marketing Girl.

I wanted to create my own agency with my own spin. I created That Marketing Girl to educate, create, and produce results without the expensive costs of a ‘normal’ agency. The unique educational value stems from when I was a little girl where I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. That is until I spontaneously took Media Studies for my GSCEs and fell in love with media, advertising, everything along with it and worked as a radio presenter for 4 years in my spare time. I started That Marketing Girl with the intention of teaching my clients how to use the products I create for them – a nod to my childhood past of loving to teach.

That Marketing Girl provides businesses with advertising, graphic design, and yes you guessed it, marketing needs. From web design and development, social media marketing, content marketing, graphic design services for materials such as business cards, flyers, brochures, the list goes on…

I love to work with all types of businesses (big or small) in the retail or wedding industry. To check out what I can help your business with, please visit my services page.

For tips, advice and tutorials on digital marketing for retail businesses, read my blog! I post a new blog weekly!

Are we a good match? 

I love to work with a variety of retail, service, hospitality businesses. Get in touch with me if you are a:

  • Clothing retailer / Boutique owner
  • Homeware retailer
  • Lifestyle retailer 
  • Jewellery or accessories designer
  • Fashion designer
  • Personal stylist
  • Wedding dress boutique or designer
  • Wedding photographer






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