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You’ve been told numerous times that your business needs social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, or Snapchat. You’ve seen loads of businesses use social media, but you’re still wondering what are the real advantages of social media? Why should I spend so much time, and potentially money, on social media? Here is your answer…


Provide better customer service

People are likely to message your business on social media to complain or ask questions. On Twitter, 78% of people who complain to a brand via Twitter expect a response within an hour, according to Lithium. So being on social media in the first place can mean you have the opportunity to give excellent customer service by answering customers questions, responding to feedback or helping someone with a complaint. This alone should be good enough reason why your business needs social media! 


Learn from your customers and target audience

Listening to what’s on your newsfeed, or by following pages and groups where your target audience hangs out, is great for finding out customer insights. You can find out what’s popular, what’s causing their frustration, what problems they aren’t getting answered. Once you understand all of this you can adapt your marketing to accommodate, solve your target audience’s problems, and be a step ahead of your competition. 


Builds loyalty

By having social media for your business, can mean that customers find and follow what’s going on easily. You want to connect with these people so that they stay loyal to your brand. The Social Habit found that 53 percent of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands. And loyalty means repeat customers. 


Sends traffic to your website

By posting quality content to social media and giving a link to your website, you’re increasing traffic to your website. You can direct people to your website by sharing new products and informative blog posts easily. If your website was a brick and mortar store, wouldn’t you want as many people as possible filling it? 


Spy on your competitors 

Well, it’s not exactly spying as their content is all public on social media anyway, but what I am saying is you can see what your competitors are doing. You can see what’s doing well for them and what isn’t. You can also improve your business by offering product, service, or content which are superior to your competition.

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Specific advertising 

Have you ever run an advert in the local magazine or newspaper but couldn’t tell how many people actually saw the advert and who came from the advert to buy? With social media advertising, sites like Facebook and Twitter, have fantastic advert sections where you can see how many people your advert reached and how many clicked onto your website from the advert. 


Targeted advertising

Facebook and Twitter provide heavily targeted advertising options. It means your advertising budget is getting more value, as you are only targeting exact people who you want. You can set your advertising campaign to be aimed at people who are a certain age, gender, location, interests, marital status, you have been to your website before, you follow your company on Facebook, what Facebook pages they follow. No more putting out expensive adverts to get nothing in return.


More people, more customers

You are potentially posting to 2 billion worldwide Facebook users as anyone can find you. Social media gives you a wider network of people to reach, which means more customers who didn’t know you before.  Relevanza reported that 78 percent of small businesses attract new customers through social media.


Legitimate company 

Using social media can prove that your business is legitimate. Facebook allows people to review the company, which can reassure potential customers. Also, if you are posting frequently then it can show people that your business is existing and running. 

Remember, that if your company gets bad reviews or you haven’t posted in months, this can signal to people that your business is deceased. You need to stay on top of social media. 


Content amplification

If you are creating content for your company blog or website, social media should be number 1 for sharing it. You gain a huge amount of traffic to your website referred from social media. People love to share content that is relevant, interests them, and provokes emotion.


Informs people

If you have a sale or special event you are hosting, social media can be a great place to promote this new and inform people. Perhaps you had to close early for the day (emergencies happen) sharing this on your social media can help people understand and manage their response.

User generated content

User generated content is when your followers create and share content about your company to social media. Example: people taking photos of their Starbucks cups and sharing on Instagram. This can be great for business as your loyal customers are doing the advertising for you, they are sharing word of mouth about your business. Share user generated content to encourage other people to post and talk about your brand. 



You can even use social media to recruit new employees.  People often tag their friends who are looking for jobs in the comment section of recruitment Facebook posts. I once found my first digital marketing job via Twitter. Beforehand I didn’t even know about the company.


Stay in front of your customers

Don’t let your business become forgotten. Posting regularly will show up in your follower’s feed more often and keep your business memorable. 


Tell a story

Use social media platforms to showcase why your company is different to others in a similar market. Do you have a unique story as to why you started the company? Perhaps you created a new product because of a specific event in your life. Use Facebook or Twitter to tell these stories. 


Influencer marketing

You can use social media to connect and find influencers who may want to work with you. Influencers are people with a massive amount of fans on social media. Influencers can link to your website and direct their followers to your company. 


If you need a social media marketing professional at an affordable cost, with the same experience as an agency, then check out my Social Media And Content Marketing package. Here I outline what’s included and the price, so no scary surprises. 


Why do you use social media for your business? Let me know in the comments…

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