Having your own retail shop is fantastic! It’s you’re own space which you can play. However, where I see many small business retailers fall short is in their interior design decor. Marketing and branding are so much more and can also lead into the space you occupy. Think of big retailers as an example; their inside design and visual merchandising matches and reflects their brand. H&M, for instance, will cover their walls with their own photographs of their products being modelled, their mannequins will be adorned with their clothes styled in a specific way that attracts their target audience, their visual merchandising layout of the store will be sectioned carefully so that you can easily create whole outfits. Another myth is that your interior decor is going to be expensive. Well, thanks to one of my favourite shops, IKEA, money is no longer an issue. You can pick up minimalist rails for £35 or full wall shelves for less than £300. I’ve listed some fantastic independent retail shops which have amazing decor, that you can use as inspiration for your own store.

A good reason to have your shop look top notch is for Instagrammers and bloggers. Who doesn’t love a bit of free press or publicity on the internet?! People love to take photos of cool places and if your shop is one of them it won’t be long until people have taken photos of your store and spread the love to friends, family and followers.

Gather Home And Lifestyle

Gather Home And Lifestyle is all about simplicity and focusing on handmade items. Founded by Kristen Basilo, a former visual merchandiser, it’s no wonder this store looks fantastic. Gather uses natural wood and neutral clean colours that work together with their products. Even all the photos on the website reflect the store’s simple vibe.

Shop Gather Home And Lifestyle 

Native & Co

Native & Co’s homeware products reflect in the design of their store interior. The space flows and works well with the products sitting neatly and specially curated on their shelves. They design and curate homeware from Japan and Taiwan, working closely with specialist makers and traditional craftsmen.

Shop Native & Co.

Parc Boutique

Parc Boutique in Minnosota, USA, is an Instagrammers dream. The shop is light and airy but mixes rustic real wood flooring and old antique rugs with industrial pipe clothing rails and crisp white walls. You wish the rails were your own wardrobe as the clothing has been carefully curated. Parc showcases international brands with local designers in one space.

Shop Parc Boutique.
Photo by Yana_26.

Splice Boutique

Splice Boutique is an Australian company owned by sisters Marisa Young and Gabby Manderson. Their success has grown into 3 stores as well as an online shop. Each of the stores is similarly decorated so that you know you’re at Splice.

Shop Splice Boutique.

Caro Somerset

Caro has been featured in Wallpaper magazine, Elle Decoration, The Guardian, and Conde Nast Traveller so this indie business has been very busy! Beautiful decor can encourage press as your store looks attractive in published photos. CARO is a lifestyle shop offering objects for life and home sourced from around the globe. Their ethos is to provide a service rooted in knowledge, care and attention.

Shop Caro Somerset.

Photos by These Four Walls Interior. 

West End Select Shop

West End Select Shop located in downtown Portland, Oregon specialises and promotes emerging designers from all over the world. Their design decor is simple and clear which lets the eclectic mix of women’s clothing and accessories be the focus.

Shop West End Select Shop.

Photo by Stop It Right Now

Pam Pam

Pam Pam is women’s sneaker shop in White painted brick walls, wooden shelves, green plants, rustic wooden flooring

Shop Pam Pam now.

Photos by the Evening Standard

Miss Patisserie

Set in one of Cardiff’s historic Victorian arcades, Miss Patisserie not only has a simple naturalist set up but it smells divine! Full of vegan beauty and skin care products. The shop’s rustic modern interior beautifully contrasts with the original 1887 arcade building. Miss Patisserie products have been featured in Marie Claire and Cosmo magazine and sell at Boots, I love seeing indie businesses get recognised next to the big guns.

Shop Miss Patisserie now.
Photo by InterCardiff. 

I need to find more gorgeous boutiques – tell me what your favourite shop is in the comment section below! 

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