Before I created a promotional calendar for my business I felt like I was aimlessly creating content without any reason or any end. I felt that I had a continuous to-do list that wasn’t getting any shorter. I felt overwhelmed. Do you have that feeling?

A retail promotional calendar is a calendar outlining all of your important dates for your business such as product launches and seasonal holidays.

Having a retail promotional calendar can make creating content faster, more effective, and relevant as well as making your business clear. No more days where you’ve missed out on an opportunity because you didn’t plan ahead or feel stumped on what content to push out.

Social holidays are events which aren’t recognised public holidays but fun ones that are often popular on the internet. You may want to get involved with to increase your reach. For example, on Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, if you sell art prints or sculptures this would be a great opportunity to promote that on Twitter. Just don’t forget the related hashtag!

Here’s my process for creating a retail promotional calendar and my content calendar:


Step 1 – List important dates

Write a list of important dates throughout the year which you want to concentrate on to push sales. A good example of this is Valentine’s Day and Christmas. You will want to really prepare for this dates as they are

Add in a list of key product launches or areas of your business you want to push. Around Fashion Week you may want to concentrate on your more luxury items whilst in January you may want to focus on reduced sale items, so you would write this down.


Step 2 – Print off the calendar

Sign up, download and print off the promotional calendar I’ve created for 2018. Click here to sign up and receive your calendar.


Step 3 – Highlight social holidays

Get your highlighters, pens and pencils because this is the fun bit. Highlight any social holidays you may to participate in. You don’t have to join all, pick a few that you think you can use to your business advantage.


Step 4 – Fill out

Highlight the exact dates for each of the important days you’ve written down from step one.

Then think about how long before and after you may want to promote this dates. For Christmas, people start shopping in November and December, so you would want to make a line going through each of the days your Christmas promotion is happening. You may want to allow time for preparing for this before November, so I would use a different colour highlighter and note down that this is Christmas preparation time.

I like to colour code my calendar by using different coloured highlighters to mark specific holidays.


Step 5 – Content

Now you have all your retail promotions all clearly out, it’s time to start creating content and planning for each of the important dates. This makes your content much more structured and relevant as you can schedule out content to go out at those specific times. Back to the example of using Fashion Week to promote luxury items, you may want to create a series of blog posts or Facebook posts about luxury items like 5 Ways To Wear This 1 Luxury Item At Fashion Week. Always try to put a spin on your content so that it directly relates to your promotional calendar. I find that creating content becomes much faster and easier when you have a focus.

Pin your calendar up on the wall so that you don’t forget about it. Plus you can remind your team of what’s upcoming for the business.

What important dates are you adding to your retail promotional calendar?

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