That Marketing Girl specialises in retail marketing for fashion, beauty, homeware and lifestyle businesses.


hello, I’m Emily

Emily Lewis is the owner of That Marketing Girl. Advertising and media have always been a central part of my life. I worked as a Presenter at a radio station for 4 years whilst at school, graduated from the University of South Wales with a BA honours degree in Advertising and worked in-house for a fashion boutique as their Digital Marketer. I decided to set up That Marketing Girl in 2016 which a focus on retail marketing.


the studio

Myself and my team, work from our cool, minimal office in the city centre of Newport or from the local coffee shops. We are surrounded by great restaurants and shops, plus an awesome cocktail bar. We love city life! The studio office has white walls, shelves filled with books, and (mostly artificial) plants. I have a team of amazing freelancers who help deliver the best results for my clients.

We’re based in Newport, South Wales but serve clients in Cardiff, London, Sydney, Mebourne and New York.



We support you by offering quick responses, strategies tailored to your business and custom payment plans. To us, you are not a number, you are a person.


We like to share our knowledge by sending out email newsletters, blog posts, video tutorials, workshops, talks, live events, and sharing relevant content on our social media accounts about the newest industry information and marketing knowledge. 


The digital space is constantly changing – from algorithms on social to a new software. We are forever learning and staying up-to-date with what’s happening in our digital industry and in the retail industry. We are shit hot when it comes to knowing the digital landscape.


We are results driven. At the end of the day, we do these fancy things to see results, and it works. We monitor KPIs and set goals to see what success we’ve done for your business. 

why choose me?


You admit that you have no idea how to use social media or marketing tactics effectively.

Happy days – I’m a trained professional.


You’re running a retail shop and need support without hiring a permanent employee, taking time to train then and have them on your payroll. It’s a lot of money and time you don’t have!

You can work with us on a project basis or month to month. There are loads of options we provide tailored to you.


You feel like you spend hours on social media or marketing but see no return. You don’t understand how to monitor or track social media efforts. You’re just pushing out content without any real guidance.

We have an efficient time-saving magic trick – only joking. It’s just years or practice, learning software and fine-tuning a process which us speed things up.


You understand marketing and social media but don’t have the time. Ain’t nobody got time for that! You literally have no time to juggle the multiple hats of being a business owner.

It’s time to outsource.

are we a good match?

We want to have a lasting relationship with you! Cue heart-shaped finger sign. We love to work with people who understand that marketing is not an overnight success, it takes time. You own a quality and unique retail business either e-commerce, brick and mortar or best of all, both! You understand that great marketing, branding and consistency leads to success. You understand that at That Marketing Girl we offer competitive rates and provide high quality services by professionals. We believe that what you get is what you pay for in terms of quality. You are open to advice and criticism and trust our knowledge and expertise.

contact me

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