Renate x Hotel Chocolat Summer Soiree


Renate, an independent clothing boutique in the prestigious Morgan Arcade in Cardiff, wanted to hold an event in collaboration with Hotel Chocolat. Myself and store owner Stephanie worked to organise the whole event including the marketing, management, of before and after the event.


5x the average daily sales.
15 local social media influencers and bloggers attended.
Bloggers posted on social media about event.
Bloggers wrote articles about the event.
Increased engagement online.


We decided to call the event Summer Soiree as it was scheduled for during the summer plus Renate would have it’s newest Summer clothing collection arriving. This would be the perfect time to showcase it to an exciting audience. Any designs had to be approved by both Renate and Hotel Chocolat. For the overall design aesthetic, I paired Renate’s monochrome heels with Hotel Chocolat’s signature packaging, creating an equally glamorous and delicious event.

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